Why your identity has probably been stolen already..


I am not the only one to notice the rampant increase of identity theft cases that have swept the global.  While the United States is a main target of aim. Anyone performing financial transactions or accessing personal information online is susceptible to identity theft.

  i·den·ti·ty theft

The fraudulent acquisition and use of a person's private identifying information, usually for financial gain.


Identity theft has evolved from the early days in key ways. There was a point where persons would “dumpster dive,” and find credit card applications or bank account information. With this information the assailants would fraudulently gain access to the victims assets. Inflecting paralyzing damage that could take years to fix.

Methods in this day and age are less physical and more digital. With malicious software being downloadable from a site, open-able in an email attachment, or installed by a seemingly innocuous source. Viruses can send ALL of your collected personal data to persons wishing to harm you financially in some way.

I believe that more and more people are living in what I term an "air of inevitability."  People just like you and I KNOW, the dangers. We KNOW the risk, and yet we sit idly waiting for the inevitable to finally descend upon us. This has become routine, so much so it has been inoculated into our actions. We develop a love hate relationship with the computers we so heavily rely upon. Not realizing the hobgoblins that such a device can releases with a few well-placed keystrokes.  There is a better way, a way to protect you, your family, and your business.


The solution to the above problem is simple really. Quality anti-virus protection drastically reduce the effects of the problems above. It's so simple it's often neglected.

Quality, secure, and regularly update anti-virus software is a PROVEN way to limit viruses on a device. While drastically reducing your chances of identity theft while on a computer.


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