Any building you have ever stood in started as what? Bits of wood, concrete, wire and metal. The function of that building is determined by what the occupants desire to use it for. No matter what the function these previously stated “elements” are of need.  With just a basket full of materials, we, as a society have hand chiseled eloquent and complex structures. Only limited by our minds creative and innovative dimensions.  The elements are not art, but their amalgamation together is.   

Running a business shares similar features to the thoughts above. Every business has personnel, equipment, and governance. These "elements" are used to create a structure, whether for profit or non-profit. The function of a business is vaporously held within the viscera[core], and nous[mind] as called by ancient Greeks of its founding members. The use of the business' “elements” and function collaboratively gives it purpose, drive and complexity.

The trick, as I see it, is to create a unique prolific and artistic expression of a business. That suffuses purpose to its customers and edifies them.  Bringing people up with you is what we do. It is the only way to survive in this world business or not. Whether you decide to become one of our number or not, you are still part of our extended family. We aim to be a gleaming mosaic. Fashioned of people, experience and technological solutions. We happen to be just so made.