IT Support, why businesses need it.

In this ever growing world of free knowledge and expertise everyone claims to be an expert in their respective fields. It is no wonder that organizations shy away from outsourcing their IT support.  To phrase it another way, why hire an expert to do the task of inspecting your plumbing, and performing the repairs when you can do it yourself from an article you read online?

The simple answer to the thought experiment above is you guessed it, EXPERIENCE.  Stuff (I use that as a enthusiasm for another word) falls apart not together, and reading the anecdotal experiences of one user’s task does not mean it will fit and frame properly with your situation or issues.  

Experience is our greatest tool when it comes to issues that deliver us at cross roads in our career, personal life, or business decisions. What shall I do? Well that guy in the YouTube video said to take a left…he didn’t say anything about that staircase though... Solutions need to be crafted. They need to be contrived from those who have eyes on a problem. This allows them to merge and blend their experiences into a problem beaconing them to a logical solution.  IT support works very much in this way, don’t short yourself and your organization because you THINK you can do better.