Imagine! Being more productive..from your car.


Tunnels. What comes to mind when you think of these. The Eisenhower tunnel in Colorado. Or maybe the Baltimore Harbor tunnel in Maryland. I myself envision the latter, being based out of Maryland. What is the purpose of a tunnel? This question isn’t formed in a tricky or deceiving manner. Whether it be underground, under a river, or through a mountain. Tunnels are meant to allow you an occupant to reach a location that would otherwise be dangers, distance or unreachable by conventional means. Through sheer willpower and refined skill. We as a species have crafted such passageways globally.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The extension of a private home or office network over the public Internet.

Within the realm of computers and mobile devices, VPNs (Virtual private networks) accomplish digitally what tunnels bring forth physically. Now, I ask you to bare with me for a moment. Don't lose sight of that analogy.  Firmly grasp it while I explain with an added amount of detail.

Let us take the Baltimore Harbor tunnel, as I am partial toward it.  At the beginning of the tunnel and at the end of the tunnel is your place of business, for simplicity's sake. Imagine the waters that the Baltimore tunnel holds at bay is the Internet. As such it is dirty, icky and full of persons seeking to steal data and visit harm on us.  The concrete walls of the tunnel are the only barrier between us, and this filth. Once we enter into the tunnel we have no idea of what awaits us outside of these protective walls. In the end though, this is of little to no concern. We see the rays of the gleaming light at the end of the tunnel, and we are at our destination..

Makes you have a vivid understanding of a tunnel doesn't it?

Makes you have a vivid understanding of a tunnel doesn't it?

VPNs do this exact thing as previously stated.. they allow you a user, to reach your office or home securely and safely through the internet. From any internet capabile device! You have your own private tunnel to your office. This begs the question though, why is this important? If you can just upload documents to the cloud, or use a laptop and take it too and fro. I have two words for you Sensitive Data. Data that is sensitive e.g. client info, proprietary information, contract details etc… are considered sensitive. Traversing this information over the icky internet is prime meat for those who mean to bring us harm. VPNs mitigate these issues, and help to keep you connected securely and conveniently wherever you are.  Isn’t about time you put your technology back in the Fast Lane?

Here are few distinct advantages of VPNs:

  1. Security.

  2. Dedicated connections to ALL your offices resources.

  3. Work from home/Starbucks or even an airport.

  4. Employees can access resources remotely.

  5. Extremely Affordable. No recurring cost.

  6. Can be used on mobile devices




Do you have a particular server, or application that you use in your office? What are a few remote capabilities that you desire if you were on the go? List them below! Also we don't condone using devices while driving! Be safe.